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Wed, 17 Jul 2024 16:50:12 UTC

We hope to welcome you onboard as a valued $CRET token holder.

Your part of an elite group that enjoys comprehensive benefits designed to maximize your investment experience and returns.

Your privileges include sliding scale discounts on platform fees, earning potential through staking, a say in our DAO, early access to new ventures, potential strategic roles in funded companies, NFT-based investment perks, a tiered rewards system, and equity rewards.

Plus, enjoy real-time insights with our project tracker, exclusive analysis, special event invites, and educational resources from CREAT'OR University.

Explore these advantages in detail and take advantage of our current ICO discount by navigating to the token purchase/wallet tab.

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to be part of Creat'or as a token holder.

Reduced Platform Fees: Sliding Scale Discounts

Holding CRET tokens entitles investors to a sliding scale of discounts on platform fees, including investment transactions, withdrawals, and other services. The discount increases with the number of tokens held, significantly enhancing investment profitability.

Staking Rewards and DAO Participation

Earning through Staking: Investors can stake their CRET tokens to earn rewards, providing a substantial passive income stream. Influential DAO Role: Top token holders participate in the platform's DAO, influencing key decisions, including project listings, thus shaping the platform’s strategic direction.

Early Access to Investment Opportunities

Priority Investment Opportunities: Token holders get early access to new investment ventures, allowing them to invest in high-potential projects before they open to the broader market, potentially securing better terms.

Leadership Opportunities in Funded Companies

Strategic Roles in Investments: Significant investments can lead to roles like board members or advisors in funded companies, aligning investors' financial interests with the operational success of these businesses. NFT-Based Benefits: Investment Representation through NFTs: Investors receive unique NFTs representing rights and perks, such as dividends and voting rights, associated with their investments. These NFTs offer liquidity and can be traded on secondary markets.

Tiered Rewards System

Exclusive Benefits Across Tiers: The platform's tiered system offers varying levels of benefits based on token holdings, with higher tiers accessing more exclusive advantages like unique investment opportunities and special platform privileges.

CREAT'OR Equity Reward Mechanism

Equity Allocation for Top Investors: A portion of equity in listed companies is allocated as rewards for top investors, aligning their interests with the long-term success of their investments.

CREAT'OR Project Tracker

Real-Time Project Insights: A blockchain-integrated dashboard provides real-time data and analytics on projects, enhancing transparency and informed decision-making for investors.

CREAT'OR Exclusive Insights

In-Depth Analyses and Reports: This feature offers detailed analyses, progress reports, and direct interactions with project teams, available through a 'CREAT'OR Insider' subscription service.

CREAT'OR Special Invites

Exclusive Event Access: High-tier token holders receive invites to online and offline events, including investment forums and industry conferences, offering enhanced networking opportunities and insights.

CREAT'OR University

Educational Resources: An online learning hub provides webinars, courses, and articles on investment strategies and industry trends, tailored to different investor tiers for continuous learning and engagement.